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10 March 2021


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    @frankieroberto @simonw @EmilStenstrom I think that if you’re a designer obsessed with simplifying the *appearance* of things at all costs then, well, you have another justification.

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    @simonw @EmilStenstrom :shakes fist at sky:


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    @EmilStenstrom @simonw I did something similar once but somehow added a shadow so it looks like the scrollable content is extending underneath the element below it (or wherever). I feel icky about forcing scrollbars on people, even if it's possible (much as I think scrollbars on should be the default).

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    @minor9th "… and now they're running the government's Test & Trace programme."

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    @mrstth I found a woman! On the eighth page there's a woman! A real woman! And two on page ten!

    (Also, frustrating that all of those pages are identical except for the four "latest articles" at the very bottom left.)

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    @knolleary I'd love an algorithm.

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    I have every sympathy with people looking for help with coding problems - after all these years I continue to need help. But I'm still marvelling over this question and response from yesterday.

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    Peace, Security, Cloud

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    It's good that he managed to see ninety.…

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    Lou Ottens, the inventor of the cassette tape, has passed away at the age of 94.