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19 December 2020


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    England postcode lookups/maps:
    * Me: up to date
    * GOV.UK, BBC, Times: No knowledge of tier 4 yet
    * Parliament map: Not being updated till new year
    * politicshome: Not updated in ages
    * LockdownAPI: Down

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    The Hokey Cokey will continue until morale improves.

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    @mrstth Turns out that’s the most important skill to have if you want to be successful (for one/the common definition of successful). They should teach that at school.

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    @okaay3D @jplevine @CloudflareHelp When I used that policy I didn’t get any errors in the browser console, but the analytics also said that all views were on ‘/‘ rather than individual pages. I’ve settled on ‘no-referrer-when-downgrade’ which is working for me.

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    I started off thinking this sounds like what little I know of the BBC.

    But it turns out the CEO is eventually decisive and lets the Incompetent Leader go. So I guess not?…

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    First-time founders, CEOs, and even employees should understand the playbook of the Incompetent Leader (IL).

    The IL is savvy & charismatic, and excels at 4 things:
    1) Feign competence
    2) Create confusion
    3) Buy time
    4) Fail up

    The IL playbook & what to do about it

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    This is my oldest friend, Al (who I’ve known since we were babies but rarely see cos he’s in Cornwall and I’m in Edinburgh), and his mum Maggie and his two boys, showing me their copies of my wee book and I’m feeling rather😭😍 all of a sudden.

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    A devastatingly accurate piece of analysis.

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    I’ve just seen Chris Rea doing a u-turn on the A1.

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    so sad to see the man who built the Garden Bridge and the Thames Estuary airport reduced to this