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12 October 2020


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    @StrangerNoise @sydneypadua !!w00w00!! Totally k-rad!

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    Elite po1ntz: What the truly elite don’t need to score.

    Hyp-hop: Skip along through the hypertext.

    K-lamer, k-loser: An ultimately inept, primitive person with a low level of technical know-how, a clueless.

    Pooh!: A haqr endearment, used mostly in greetings: z1nky poooh!

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    I guess you need some tips if you’re gonna get a government job in cyber, so here’re some definitions from the book:

    Cyber-yup: A tourist on the info highway.

    Darqside: Antisocial. Evil. Weird. Someone who dares things you wouldn’t, or couldn’t.

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    @infovore @aanand Don't tell me yours glow in the dark?! Tom. So embarrassing! You'll never be in cyber with those!

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    @aanand On the plus side you now know that [flicks pages] the fangs you wear to hang out in goth clubs “must NOT glow in the dark”.

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    If you need to retrain in cyber, you’ll be wanting this book.

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    @asjs @philgyford @EliotHiggins Mine's a little battered after 20 years. #ReadyForCyber