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10 October 2020


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    Dear @guardian,

    I have a complaint.

    In 2004 you attempted to predict many things about 2020 – some well, others less so.

    Despite your efforts I have felt woefully unprepared for the reality of 2020.

    Please could the readers’ editor issue a correction?

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    @simonw I’m crossing my fingers that Digital Ocean’s App Platform will follow through, as they list “Ability to add persistent storage” in the upcoming features on… Newbie Django devs putting their first site on Heroku so often wonder where their media files go…

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    Coronavirus spread in the UK - 1st Feb to 9th Oct

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    I see @dracos has been mentioned in the House of Commons.… | written question from @ChiOnwurah | Local Lockdown Lookup… | #covid19uk #opendata #govcomms

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    10/Save Money

    “Savings can be created by spending less.

    You can spend less if you desire less.

    And you will desire less if you care less about what others think of you.”