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21 July 2020


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    @jennylg @guardian I’m not saying the website doesn’t have anything on it, I’m saying that in my daily reading of the paper (iPad edition) they’ve only had one article.

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    @mdales @guardian Yeah. I *assume* it’s simply because the case is being heard in London? Which seems like a weird basis for newsworthiness.

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    In my daily @guardian reading I’ve seen a single article about what’s happening in Portland. Meanwhile every day there’s an update about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s court case. I know it can be hard to compare the importance of different stories, but come on.

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    @benbrown @mathowie Of course! My "you" was advice to the great English public, and I should have used "one". You (YOU) do not need such vague and waffly advice delivered in the manner of a 1990s Hugh Grant character.

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    @benbrown @mathowie Same here. But you should, soon, wear a mask in a shop. Unless you're buying food to take away. Or maybe then too. Masks are probably good, but maybe you don't need one most places. Stay in your bubble if you can. Don't sing unless it's God Save The Queen. Tally ho!

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    @mathowie I understood that cotton masks should be touched as little as possible, worn once, then washed. If you need to take it off, put it in a plastic bag so it doesn't touch anything else. Is advice different in the US or have I misunderstood? (I've yet to wear one, or go anywhere.)

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    there should be a single-serving website called What's Their Deal where you can type in anyone's name and it tells you their deal

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    Here it is, the most requested show of all and so far the hardest, it's the Friends intro recreated using ONLY stock footage.

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    Love all these mom protestors in Portland. Lullaby singing “Hands up don’t shoot me” was not on my 2020 bingo card.