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23 June 2020


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    @tomcritchlow @genmon @tomcoates If I ever have to give up Tweetbot then it's one extra feature that will make Actual Twitter a bit less annoying.

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    @mondoagogo @tomcoates Yeah. Odd that it's a per-client setting but I can also see there are possible benefits to that...?

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    @tomcoates Oh! I pinned lists on web Twitter but they're not pinned on iPhone Twitter. Can't work out if it's somehow not picked up the change (and how to make it do so) or if it's per-platform (which would be weird). If I pin a list on iPhone Twitter then it appears as a tab on home screen

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    @tomcoates I don't understand where you see those two "Home" and "Friends" tabs... Is that the Home screen? I don't have those on my iPhone Twitter, or web Twitter (having pinned a list). Maybe it's only on bigger iPhones than my old SE?

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    (Farewell WebFaction 👋🏻)

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    I recently moved a dozen small websites over to @Mythic_Beasts' hosting and it all went fine and their support was speedy, helpful, and human. Two thumbs up. 👍🏻👍🏻 I should probably have moved there years ago.

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    I’ve started a new evening ritual: I leave all my technology inside except my Walkman, and I get into the hammock in the back yard and listen to an album from start to finish.

    My cat has been curious about this new habit, and I’ve been trying to coax him into the hammock —

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    I’m still gonna avoid bars, restaurants, gyms, retail, large crowds (protest is different), etc, until there’s treatment or a vaccine. See you all in 2021. Very little of whats being done in these phased reopenings is “living” or intimate; it’s consumption masked as purpose.