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21 June 2020


  1. w/e 2020-06-21

    SIXTYEIGHT2OHFIVE; blackbirds; too scroll; master vs main; Pinboard; Succession; and Staged.


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    @gwire Sorry, caught up, ignore me!

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    @suegyford A friend discovered that where he kept his phone made a surprising difference to the accuracy of tracking. No idea if this is a similar issue.…

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    @dotcode Yeah, if someone asks "What do I need to know to be a good Django dev?" or similar, some people are all "Obviously, Django Rest Framework, and then React/Vue/Angular". I mean, I also fear that's true for a lot of jobs.

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    @dotcode It’s depressing that on the Django subreddit - for a back end framework that works perfectly for server-rendered pages - it feels like most people there think SPAs are the default way to build websites these days.

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    This VFX work is absolutely incredible, and it becomes even more amazing when I tell you that it’s made in Blender (which is free and open-source) and the work of a SINGLE PERSON (@Mrdodobird, who you should follow)