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2020-06-19 (Friday)


  1. Gen Z Is Making Fun Of Millennials On TikTok

    I’ve enjoyed the relationships between generations since Gen X, so. (via Please Like Me)


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    @ianbetteridge @tomskitomski @scaryredhair @matlock @mildlydiverting That's beautiful. An 8-bit Romeo & Juliette.

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    @tomskitomski @scaryredhair @matlock @ianbetteridge My heart bleeds. While I play a wide variety of successful games.

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    @tomskitomski @scaryredhair @matlock @ianbetteridge ?! Manic Miner, Ant Attack, Atic Atac and Jetpac on the Spectrum. Star Wars in the arcades.

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    @dotcode The couple of times I’ve done that it reappeared round the front a day or so later.

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    So last night was the soft reopening of the restaurant I've been at for the past 4 years or so. Tables were spaced out, proper protocol for health and safety of employees was in place, etc and despite all of that I had a mini nervous breakdown in front of my managers