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2020-06-11 (Thursday)


  1. What was it like?

    Looking at contemporary blog posts about SXSW 2000 to remember what blogging was like twenty years ago.


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    @aighilditch @gittins29 Exactly. The year is in @samuelpepys' bio, and it's always "today's" diary entry that the quotes are taken from. While adding the date to the tweets might make this clearer, it would take away from the illusion that it's actually him tweeting.

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    In Irvine, it was used for landmark publications by the development corporation, and for suggested signage. David Gosling, the chief architect, insisted on its use. Microgramma had been used extensively in drawings at Gosling's previous project, Runcorn New Town.

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    'Uhtceare' was an Anglo-Saxon expression for the 'sorrow before dawn', when you lie awake in the darkness and worry about the day ahead [uht-kay-ara; the 'h' is as in 'loch'].

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    One of the diagrams that shows performative 'reasonableness' in British communication. I still do it all the time. It does not work in American meetings.