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2020-02-19 (Wednesday)


  1. It’s A Digital Disease!

    r/DataHoarder. This subreddit looks both interesting and enabling. (via Ask MetaFilter)


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    @genmon Happy blog birthday! The 20th of mine is coming up next month. They could all get together and have a party, talk about the olden days of dodgy blogging scripts, show embarrassing photos of themselves as kids, etc.

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    @dgheath21 anytime. i'd say more in person, but my advice will always both an ISA and SIPP with Vanguard, put 5% takehome into each (10% total) every month, invest them both into LifeStrategy 80 fund...and then increase the % if you can over time. start today, finesse later :)

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    My nextdoor neighbours in Greece proudly told me last summer that when they visited the British Museum they all stole something from the giftshop

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    If what happened to the web is any guide, by 2030 there will be five big podcasts and all the hosts will somehow be complicit in genocide.