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12 February 2020


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    @mildlydiverting @ianbetteridge @tomskitomski Indeed. In isolation the short version always seemed like an excuse for “do whatever we want”, as sensitive as “move fast and break things”.

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    @ianbetteridge @tomskitomski That's what I always thought.

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    @tomskitomski What happened to "Ask forgiveness, not permission"?

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    @robtelford @robnitm Thanks Rob T. It's always nice to at least provide a link to an "All rights reserved" image (but acknowledging that Rob B may have found it unattributed elsewhere).

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    a tiktoker just showed me how he films videos for tiktok and youtube simultaneously and my mind has been boggled

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    @tomskitomski @philgyford "Ask forgiveness not permission" was a value of a company I used to work for. Until they put it in big letters on a wall and someone pointed out that it's actually more than a bit rapey.

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    To give her her full name