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29 January 2020



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    @ukglo ✅ 👏

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    @ukglo If it's a list of things (like Boxes), and the column is a field on that thing (like "name") then you should be able to edit the list_display in the file, rather than fiddle with a template.… lmk if I can point more specifically :)

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    @mildlydiverting @matlock @lisov @Storythings @gankstrr @direGoldfish @huey @dday7 @ctrlcreep @E4Misfits I still have a Twitter list of the @E4Misfits characters, in case that’s helpful

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    @rachelcoldicutt @tomstuart Whole Earthians = "guys who'd been teased at school for being geeks, and who are now earning millions while their schoolmates flip burgers"

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    @moongolfer @ToastMaster @matlock @lisov @Storythings @gankstrr @direGoldfish @huey @writingstudio @philgyford @AstaWellejus @EmmaTaulo @RitvaLeino1 @michfire @unrd @gawanmac Roses are Red / Twitter’s Performative / TV’s Love Island / is Heteronormative.

    Margate, England, United Kingdom

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    We did it! A blogger is running the country. The wrong blogger but still.