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14 January 2020


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    @cityofsound @rod Classic all the way!

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    @felix_cohen Apologies if it's obvious but have you looked through… ? I couldn't see anything obvious...

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    @alaric Unfortunately there will be enough of these developers to go around.

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    @rod @cityofsound Ooh, I haven't had a chipstick in a long time. I hope they're still as powerfully salt'n'vinegary.

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    @cityofsound What's your favourite crisp Dan? Mine were Nice 'n' Spicy Nik Naks, if we're allowing corn-based snacks, but they no longer seem as spicy as they once were. I do like a nice chilli-flavoured crisp.

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    Like Wowbagger from Hitchhiker's Guide, but instead of insulting everyone in the universe, one-by-one, thwacking all web developers who make otherwise text-based websites that display nothing without JavaScript around the head, one-by-one.

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    There are only 10 types of movies. (A short thread)

    1. Orange and blue action

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    Nils Frahm is Hackney Enya. Fight me.

    South East, England, United Kingdom

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    @rod @philgyford Salt’n’vin chipsticks a very good shout. Visceral. As was pickled onion Monster Munch. Melting Individual Skips on the roof of the mouth, also. Frazzles. Wotsits. Fish’n’Chips, if strictly not crisps. Twists. Rich pickings. Perfectly happy with salt’n’vin French Fries.