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12 December 2019


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    “Boris, he’s vaguely sinister,
    Boris, he’s a shit prime minister.”

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    “He’s a dirty old shagger, can’t control his cock,
    And even he don’t know how many kids he’s got,
    Got the Boris Johnson blues.”

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    “That’s why we hashtag fuck Boris”

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    “People often ask us what it is that makes us tick,
    It’s Boris Johnson’s head upon a stick, stick, stick.”

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    Ugh god, surely there’s a market for an election night coverage programme that omits unbearable people. I have to choose between Stanley Johnson, George Osborne and Priti Patel… I need a shatterproof TV.

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    Don’t forget to vote today. Here’s my perennial, newly-updated, inspirational playlist, containing something for everyone* 🌹…

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    Absolutely no ripple effects racing through the male founder community in the aftermath of WeWork’s implosion.…

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    Very real ripple effects racing through the female founder community in the aftermath of last week’s Verge/Away piece.