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19 November 2019


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    "The issue of plastic is really important to us" say @marksandspencer then, same day, thousands of these devices playing adverts for M&S sweaters are in copies of the Metro, put together by @ODDLondon and @MailMetroMedia. Burn it all down! Get in the sea! etc.…

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    Hey @marksandspencer can you please tell me how these devices found in every single Metro newspaper at Euston this morning contribute to your Plan A strategy? #designandclimate

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    @paulnotpaulie I can only apologise.

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    @Nansell @LondonRobinson @marksandspencer @MetroUK @Oystertweet @ODDLondon @MailMetroMedia Hi Nathan, do you or they have a statement on how including 5,000 disposable electronic inserts in a newspaper meets any of @marksandspencer’s Plan A goals? Could you find out your WEEE Regulation guidance on these? Thanks!