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2019-11-06 (Wednesday)


  1. HOW - Pure CSS - cyanHarlow

    Nicely done explanation of how Diana Smith uses CSS properties in her amazing CSS art, and what hat art looks like without each property. (via Waxy)


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    @breandanmcc @NW3parkingspace Thank you. And no, I’m not optimistic about seeing anything but minor improvements.

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    @breandanmcc @NW3parkingspace Seeing your tweets on the topic, I thought you might like my very long review of the new Guardian Daily Edition app…

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    Why would I be concerned about a private company building chatbot GPs? This chatbot thing is great.

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    A thread of rating every horse emoji:

    Apple, iOS 13.2

    Total lack of withers explains lack of saddle. Back flatter than my coffee table explains lack of rider. Horse is ewe-necked, with a tiny head. Best suited for liberty training, would not recommend for performance work. 6/10