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8 September 2019


  1. w/e 2019-09-07

    Magic of Meghan by Dry Cleaning, the London Film Festival, and The Spook School saying goodbye.


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  • Penny_Dropping’s avatar

    Maddening how little things seem to change. This could be describing the politics of a fair few Labour councils in London today. It was written in 1985!

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    Get ready for the #Brexit week ahead with V17 of the #BrexitDiagram

    Headline numbers: chances of a General Election dropping a fraction (7% GE on 15 Oct, 72% 29 Oct or later), as chances Johnson sees it through as Prime Minister until 17 Oct are also slipping

  • Penny_Dropping’s avatar

    “... it is hard to see how Labour can set its sights much beyond the range of the welfare state without facing up to the problems of what is meant by democratic practice... to my mind local socialism opens up that question” John Gyford (1985)