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23 June 2019


  1. A city day out

    We spent a day doing some touristing in the City of London.

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    @bratton I didn't know Sascha well, but this news has stuck with me all day. I had a pleasure of sharing a studio with him for a couple of months in 2010, and always looked forward to bumping into him in odd places. Here he is turning Maplin into Buttons.

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    Reminded that it’s not just circumstances or quality of human life that’s random, but also its duration. And so it is that our beautiful friend has gone back to the stars he came from, and I will miss this infectious and honest smile, and this generous and brilliant mind forever

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    @bratton Such a beautiful and brilliant man. In so many times and places and contexts and always enthusiastic and supportive and generous. Can't imagine this world without him and his smile in it. Heartbroken.