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2019-03-18 (Monday)


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    @benterrett @ideo It’s a bit careless to have lost one, but at least if they know it’s still in the office it’ll probably turn up sooner or later. Unless the cleaners threw it out?

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    @bensheldon That feed should contain the full blog post content now, as intended. It was a single-character typo (and a lack of enough tests…) that stopped it working! Thanks for pointing it out.

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    @bensheldon Sorry about that (and thanks!). Is that the “everything” feed? Looks like I’ve messed something up - it should have the full blog post in there, so I’ll look into why it doesn’t.

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    Regression Test.…

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    Unit test.…

    Romford, London, United Kingdom

    Romford, London, United Kingdom

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    If people who went to Boots kept coming out believing in a flat earth, or the superiority of the white race, we'd probably at least try to shut it down, even if it is quite convenient for sandwiches and paracetamol. Still unclear why same logic does not apply to FB, Youtube, etc.