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2019-02-11 (Monday)


  1. Jumping off cliffs

    A quote about breaking out of a well-worn rut, by Benny Golson.


  1. Spectre.css CSS Framework

    Looks nice. Some handy components that Bootstrap doesn’t have.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    @BarbicanCentre Why can I still not paste my credit card details into your booking form? It’s like you don’t want me to buy tickets.

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  • JamesWallis’s avatar

    There is a computer repair shop by Tooting Bec tube, and it is not called Booting Tec. The fools.

  • mildlydiverting’s avatar

    Just ran in to someone from yoga in an artisanal coffee place in a repurposed light industrial building in a regenerating seaside town, after a meeting about planning and community engagement for a maker space. I can fuck the fuck off, frankly.

    Margate, England, United Kingdom