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11 January 2019

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    @suegyford @philgyford more 1970s childcare - woodwork bench at our playgroup (me with drill)

  • SlenderSherbet’s avatar

    When you lied on your CV about having previous sheepdog experience.

  • suegyford’s avatar

    1970s childcare - @philgyford (left) being cheerfully introduced to a lion cub by our mum.

  • atrvrs’s avatar

    I’d written Flickr off in my head as a subscription too far but I’m sold on this. “Support the web you want”.…

    philgyford’s avatar

    If you’re giving up on Flickr now they want to be supported by paying customers, and are using ad-saturated, Facebook-owned Instagram, you’re part of the problem. I know everyone you know is on Instagram… this is how it happens. Support the web you want.
    I will not be arguing :p