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28 November 2018


  1. A Business With No End - The New York Times

    Amazing, odd look at a network of strange online stores and real shops and a Christian university and Newsweek.


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    I don’t post on Twitter now, other than to reply to people and complain at brands.

    Instead, I’m on Mastodon: (@samuelpepys is there too)

    I blog regularly at

    And my work is here:

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    @tomskitomski It’s only acceptable to try to win when you’ve already lost. How jolly British!

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    @blogjam I like the chart! Do the rows represent different things? (Knowing nothing about the music makes it hard to tell from here.)

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    AWC-150 automatic woks.

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    Elton John's full transformation into The League of Gentlemen's Job Centre advisor Pauline is truly spectacular