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2018-08-15 (Wednesday)


  1. Buying a washing machine from the Co-op

    The good and mostly bad things that occurred during the process of buying a washing machine from the Co-op

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  1. Things that baffle me about WordPress in 2018 – A Whole Lotta Nothing

    I can see some people will only want tags OR categories, or neither, but there’s definitely a case…


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    @alex_tea @Beko @coopuk This is all gold. Men have started long-running podcasts based on worse content than this.

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    @paulpod @Beko @coopuk Ugh. Others have said the lid spring went on theirs. Ours is ok so far….

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    @paulpod I haven’t used either but people seem to use or . I find reposting retweets onto Mastodon problematic myself (they appear as normal toots, not boosts).

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    @paulpod @Beko @coopuk Thanks 🙏🏻 Well our £500 Bosch only lasted five years of very light use so we thought we’d try something half the price. And thought we’d try Co-op now they’re all digitalised but, well.

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    We bought a @Beko washing machine from @coopuk and the process was not as smooth as one might hope, which I have detailed here… This is the content you’ve signed up for.

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    i read the output of 'git push' every day and it's just utter gibberish

    > Enumerating objects: 7, done.
    Seems like a good number
    > Counting objects: 100% (7/7), done.
    Well, yeah, it was 7 before
    > Delta compression using up to 8 threads.
    Now aren't you impressive