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14 August 2018


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    He can’t break the fourth wall and tell anyone himself, but @samuelpepys is now also available on Mastodon: . The same messages at the same times.

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    Ooh, two interesting design jobs in @cityofsound’s team at Arup Digital Studio:

    Digital Studio Design Lead…

    UX Designer (in a very broad sense)…

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    @EngTwiterature @samuelpepys No problem :) I was worried the site had missed a crucial event!

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    @EngTwiterature @samuelpepys Ah, that’s 1667: The site uses the 1893 edition which replaces such sections with … but the missing part is mentioned in the annotations.

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    @dotcode Coming back to this… it has some way to go yet versus…

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    Weird… this is exactly what I think every morning when I wake up.

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    @EngTwiterature @samuelpepys Maybe it was a different date? I can’t see it here…

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    @paulpod Maybe I don’t understand it then. I thought it showed 14% of 56-59 year olds having a second home and then it decreasing with each increasingly old group?

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    @paulpod I find that graph hard to understand, but doesn’t it show that they tend *not* to keep multiple properties through retirement?

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    Omg who made this masterpiece?

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    The most interesting thing about… is that American editions apparently replace “torch” with “flashlight”, a word that a British person wouldn’t say.

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    ‘But the Plans Were on Display…’:…