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1 August 2018



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    @PATVOne1 @4Music Well yes… if a channel was going to show a programme that’s in 4:3 I’d hope they’d be able to show it in 4:3. Seems like the basics.

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    @PATVOne1 @4Music They could show it the correct ratio with black bars at each side.

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    I’d be more pleased about @4Music’s repeating of ‘King of the Hill’ if they were showing it in the correct aspect ratio. Everyone looks kinda chunky. Has someone pressed the wrong button?

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    @dracos @dotcode I’d recognise Littlehampton anywhere!

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    @dancharvey I guess you’re right. I find it strange that things that should be so simple to “use” (i.e. read) have become so user-hostile. Like articles on many local newspapers’ websites.

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    Click through *two* cookie-related pop-ups and you get to this, having to watch video before being able to read an article. There must come a point where it’s just not worth bothering with publishing articles online?…

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    Maybe, but they should still keep the early stuff he did with The Smiths.…

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    @soledadobrien @Spotify Hey Spotify, I deleted your app on my iPhone today, and it was surprisingly easy to not support a platform for a hateful lunatic, whose words have caused suffering to those who have already suffered the unimaginable.

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    رابط اختبار الأحرف اليابانية *الكانا*

    رابط التسجيل بعدالعصر بإذن الله في تمام الساعة 4:00 بتوقيت الرياض