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2018-06-26 (Tuesday)


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    @dominickellyuk Keep calm dear!

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    Closest so far. I’m guessing the populations are projections for this year from 2017, but close enough for my purposes.…

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    @philgyford There's a CSV download here with "Current Population 2018", and two-letter codes in the "Flag" column, maybe they be ISO Alpha-2

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    @johngoldin Thanks! itself has a CSV which includes the country codes too.

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    @hugovk Ah yes, thanks! I think I’d seen that page and not tried the CSV, or thought about how they tied the flags into it.

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    Anyone know where I can get a list of countries with up-to-date populations and ISO Alpha-2 codes? is good but is a few years old, judging by…

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    I'm so proud of him.

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    Left: Long term investment.
    Right: Don’t get too attached.
    - @adactio #aeabos

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    Pointing to this the next time we get a support request for a user of an old Internet Explorer.…

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    @rachelcoldicutt Looks nice, but not all the user – a #betterinternetter to me would be a website that had working links (or showed all the text by default) when the JavaScript didn’t load, used HTTPS so I know the content hasn’t been altered, and wasn’t 1Mb in size on my 3G data plan...? :)