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9 May 2018



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    @tomskitomski Yeah, sort of. Dammit. TOTP just needs a simple page-per-thing site.

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    @paulpod Oh, there is this.… Yes, but no.

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    Anyone know if there’s a complete list of Top Of The Pops episodes, with bands that played, and presenters? My googling is failing me. It must exist…

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    Let me know if you find anything interesting! I’ll write a bit more about it tomorrow. The data and code is at…

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    Some example views:

    Free dinners:…

    Declared Freemasons:…

    Gifts to the Planning & Transportation Committee:…

    And their declared interests:…

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    I scraped data about the City of London’s Aldermen and Common Councillors, including the Register of Interests and made it searchable here using @simonw’s lovely Datasette.

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    @ammonite @mildlydiverting @lottiephoto @ranarama @hollygramazio @Writerer @Film4 Lovely to hear. That was probably my favourite thing I’ve worked on.

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    @iamdanw and I'm
    too marxist for my shirt
    too marxist for my shirt
    so marxist it huuurts

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    The README for @philgyford's project doubles as an excellent tutorial on using Datasette and @zeithq Now:…

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    In the room, we refer to smaller bits of the story that aren’t broken in detail (banter, transitions) as “WPs”. “Writer’s problems”. It means the specific ep writer has to sort it out.

    Sometimes we say WP means “writer’s privilege (or prerogative)” to take the stink off it.