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2018-05-04 (Friday)


  1. A nice picture

    On liking images that are broken, Pure CSS Francine, and Afghan war rugs.


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    @duolingo A small annoyance… your recent change makes these little draggable words very, very small. We don’t all have eyes as young as yours! Also a bit fiddly to select sometimes.

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    @WhitStillman Thanks. Yes, sounds more like a dark side, pick-up artist version.

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    We used to have one of these laptops in the RIG office and very few people could even work out how how to open it. Not open the case, just lift the screen up.…

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    The $100 laptop, where is it now? So much to be learned from this story.… (thanks for posting! @cyberdees)

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    @WhitStillman Reminds me of someone… (from London Review of Books, 26 April)

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    petition to create a "please don't bother me" opensource license, where you are encouraged to fork projects but please, please don't submit PRs.