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19 April 2018


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    What kind of person tells others what they can and can’t wear?! Except flip-flops, obviously. YOU CAN’T WEAR FLIP-FLOPS UNLESS YOU’RE AT THE BEACH OR A POOL WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU, YOU WEIRDO?!…

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    Gentle reminder boys

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    I've put my iPhone SE back into service due to Reasons, and I now believe this was the pinnacle of iPhone form factors. I'm sure we all agree, so there's no need to @ me. See you after lunch!

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    Jeff Bezos - shareholder letter in which we learn there is such a thing as a handstand coach, and it takes a week to write a good memo (strongly agree #deadlines )

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    @alicebartlett Is the baby holding you at gunpoint to say this? Like once for yes.

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