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7 March 2018


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    @UPWRIGHT1 @DEANHDAVID @samuelpepys It’s here:

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    @ultrazool @genmon But I have some nice slippers already! Try Glerups, 100% pure natural wool with a unique comfort. A slipper of high quality, giving a feeling of warmth and comfort. Order online now. Free delivery.

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    @awbalfour LEAVE ME ALONE!

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    🎉 Exciting news - we’re hiring! 🎉

    Lots of different roles. Come join our team & help make services that respect our rights

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    On Monday, by the pears in Waitrose, I saw a leaflet for *those* slippers. Today, leaving the gym, I saw an ad for those slippers on the TV. There is no escape. We can no longer hide in the real world. The slipper event horizon.

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    Amazing, Norman Rockwell invented Twitter

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    @philgyford We're trapped inside the paperclip game but slippers