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2018-02-09 (Friday)

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  1. Odeon Covent Garden in London, GB - Cinema Treasures

    I think there was a brief period after Odeon took it over in 2000 when it was known as “Odeon…


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    @phl At least if your stalker’s only on Quora you can avoid ever seeing what they write by not logging in.

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    @phl I’m kind of fascinated how something as superficially simple as “editing plain text” involves so, so many tiny UI details that we want to be *just* right when using a different editor, or else it feels like a struggle.

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    @phl Just a bit “nicer”. My MacVim was a bit slow and a bit cranky in too many little ways for me to figure out. It feels like more things in Atom are at the “just works” stage for me now.

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    @phl in case that’s any use ever.

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    @phl Definitely: vim-mode-plus, ex-mode, vim-mode-zz, plus various packages to emulate some of the things I’d set up in vim. And custom keyboard shortcuts. I’m not a power vim user but it does all the vim-things I used.

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    For the third time in as many years I’ve tried switching from MacVim to Atom and I think this time it’s stuck. No idea what’s changed.

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    Zaphod & Trillian (2008)