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2018-02-01 (Thursday)

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  1. Couldn’t Banksy be called a vandal too? | Brief letters | Culture | The Guardian

    Your report (Report, 30 January) says a Banksy mural was “defaced by vandals”. But why is Banksy’s…


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    @aanand Thanks! I don’t think I’ve played a MGS since the Gameboy…

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    @infovore I assumed the moral difficulties would have to be brought by the player, so I’m impressed with how precisely you’ve satisfied the requirements. Thanks!

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    I watched ‘Sicario’ at the weekend and have wanted to play it all week. Is there a good PS4 1st/3rd-person shooter of creeping round picking off “bad guys” while feeling morally compromised?

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    My mother's Y2K preparedness handbook.