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15 January 2018


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    @rod @revdancatt @guardian I remember when BBC News first did that (1997?) and I thought they were stupid because it looked daft. A year or two later I realised I was wrong and it was brilliant.

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    @bfirsh Nope, exactly the same…

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    Correction: there’s a new version of the Guardian iPad app in the app store which is a bit more new. Before and after.

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    @chrisalexwilk I guess there’s still some changes to do to make it more in line with the new look? You must have had a busy time :)

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    @chrisalexwilk I did before posting, and nothing… just tried again and there it is! Good work :)

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    Only the new logo has made it to the Guardian’s iPad app. Everything else the same. (Not complaining, just interested. Must be a nightmare to have everything update at once.)

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    Is it just me or is the Guardian redesign trailer narrated by Philomena Cunk…

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    Redesign is particularly non-digital bit of thinking to bring into digital.

    Facebook is never redesigned, it goes through constant evolution.

    Oh well, keeps some designers busy and means there's an opportunity for a press release.

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