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5 December 2017


  1. Citizen Code of Conduct | A project of Stumptown Syndicate

    A sample code of conduct, to use as a basis for your own community’s.


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    @blech I didn’t even know you could swipe left for the camera until now. “No interface” is brilliant.

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    @LaurieJ Thanks! Looks good, and the sources are very handy too.

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    @HarryTrimble Thanks, although it’s quite specific to events… I’m looking for one for a purely online forum.

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    @whoisdanw Very computer.

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    Has anyone seen any good examples of codes of conduct for online communities? Specifically, for a forum of normal people not geeks. Thanks.

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    Meanwhile, over on I can easily see my favourite artists etc from the past year. Always be scrobbling.

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    Thanks Spotify. Making into a quiz has made it a chore and made me feel like an idiot. Merry Christmas!

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    @infovore @antimega @moleitau Same. I make myself buy MP3s occasionally so I feel I can leave Spotify and still have music that doesn’t just end in 2012. I can handle it…

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    @interactiveHelp Thanks, but that’s pretty poor. I can’t imagine what you’re doing that works in Firefox, IE, Chrome but not Safari.

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    Karl Marx staring in to the camera like he is on the Office

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    Royalist toady - wait 'til '88!…

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    Up, and to White Hall with Sir J. Minnes; and there, among an infinite crowd of great persons, did kiss the Duke’s hand.