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9 November 2017


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    @lempamo You know what, I briefly thought it was 2018 now! I think I need a break. Anyway, thanks…

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    @gwire I had no idea both names are used for various reasons/contexts.…

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    @lempamo Googling, did this all happen in 2017, or is there something more recent too?

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    @smagdali No I just occasionally saved interesting pages and I was having a look to see what I had. Few of them are still interesting.

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    i can’t handle this

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    Been conversing (on and offline) with grassroots Brexitists again. Really struck by their intense lack of interest in the details of how to make it happen – verging on hostility to it, as if the search for practical steps to make it work is a trap (1/9)

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    maybe the twist is: it's actually a bot algorithmically generating Medium articles to "systematically frighten" Twitter users..?…

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    this is downright lovecraftian, down the author's repeated warnings about the trauma you are about to experience in the next paragraph…