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22 September 2017


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    @jkottke I look forward to the VICE article exposing the hidden Chinese clapping mines.

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    @jaggeree It would be something if it could enforce low speaker/headphone volume on public transport…

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    I’m on a train you stupid lump of selfish, car-focused Californian technology! Look at the map! It’s a train line! Yes I’m in a bad mood.

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    @BarbicanCentre While Banksy is all “subversive”, and he “punches up”, he can get away with things anyone else would be arrested for. He’s the 1% of the 1%.

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    @BarbicanCentre Banksy is the only person in the country who can paint whatever he likes wherever he likes and it’s treated like a miracle to be revered.

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    The @BarbicanCentre Banksys are being covered with protective clear plastic. They’re saying everyone can graffiti the Barbican. Come on!

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    Paleoartists tend to "under-feather" drawings of dinosaurs based on fossils. Here's how swans would look if given the same treatment.

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    On the other hand, all the political types saying 'just make a public/co-op uber' might want to rethink 'just'.