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2017-09-03 (Sunday)


  1. What I’ve been doing recently

    Some things I’ve been doing.


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    @tomtaylor @genmon Yes, I’ve liked Reeder. Currently use Mr. Reader on iPad, also linked to my @feedbin account (which is ace).

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    @dracos Whenever the cron script next runs :)

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    I have not just sent my latest email newsletter or written a Medium post or twitted a tweet storm. Out to the RSS crew.

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    A house for sale on the west coast of Scotland with its own smokehouse business… You know, if you want to escape.

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    @genmon @esthermilne But wasn't it that there were fewer of us back then? And we didn't yet understand that the internet makes us no less lonely?

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    We are all living in 2017 while this kid is living in 3017

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    @Gaohmee In Surgeon Simulator we hid many features to incite curiosity: for instance, if you dial your real phone number in the game, it calls you.