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16 July 2017


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    hashtag makers

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    Nice, gentle doc about bespoke shoemaking. Little commentary, no background music, NO JEOPARDY. Just making things.…

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    @rachelcoldicutt @iamdanw Spinning tops!

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    @philgyford I've moved on to precision-made spinning tops ( rose gold at extra cost )

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    @spaceboy Some of this past series was bearable!

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    @sonia__harris But sometimes change is bad! It’s so confusing!

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    @hostler They’re weird aren’t they? How’s that a big enough market to advertise to so broadly?

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    The Doctor Who thing confirms that on Twitter one must be 100% DELIGHTED or 100% FURIOUS about every issue. Shout out to the ambivalent!

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    I’m running out of apps that don’t include ads for slippers.

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    @gwire Christopher Biggins?

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    @philgyford that should be a Netflix genre "NO JEOPARDY"

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    So many great Doctor Who's over the years hard to choose just one

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    Can you imagine anyone putting in the execrable "sunglasses and guitars" mid-life crisis nonsense for a female Doctor? Exactly.

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