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26 June 2017


  1. Walton’s Telephone Exchange | Walton Tales

    Nice reminisces of an Essex telephone exchange in the 1960s.


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    Lovely reminisces of an Essex telephone exchange in the 1960s. It was in the front room of a house.…

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    Your premier enterprise cloud SaaS vendor.

    (Sarcasm as a Service)

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    @genmon @tomstuart This is so good! And really nice with other languages too. *And* the emoji finder is much less painful than Apple’s. 👍⌨️🇬🇧🇩🇪

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    So this is awkward.

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    Other ideas were...less successful. E.g. Smith proposed the BBC call televisions "view-boxes," call traffic lights "stop-and-goes," and 19/

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    The Sub-Committee came up with the following list of possible new words for the users of the television apparatus: 11/

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    salvidor dalí is in the news again so here's a great story of brian sewell having a wank in his garden

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    Cat in a Barbican

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    Siri, create the most Brexit tableau imaginable