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21 February 2017



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    I love giving pre-internet (or early-internet-but-since-lost) things an existence online.

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    My post on the late-90s Shaolin Film Club is now updated with reminiscences from a founder and three period videos:…

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    @revdancatt Are you going to Max Headroom yourself? Please.

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    @Alby I’d have more confidence if the quantity of those updates I received was anything like the quantity of accounts I report.

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    Not just me then. Still, if @instagram makes it from plucky startup to be part of a vast organisation, I’m sure they’ll tackle it.

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    Still reporting ~1 new @instagram follower every day for being a spammer. Been months now. Is it just me who gets them? Or reports them?

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    Slightly odd to see @NCSC using which tracks your clicks via a Libyan domain and a privately-held US company…

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    Why #macros are a threat, and the approaches you can take to protect your systems