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2017-02-09 (Thursday)


  1. added to Django Ditto

    I’ve updated Django Ditto, which can now also archive your listens.


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    @matthewbate Yes, that’s me, thanks! And thanks @tedmills!

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    I guess your private Twitter (or whatever) account is only private so long as no one who follows it enters the US.

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    @P90Puma Thanks. Sounds like they’re carrying on doing the same thing though.

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    I should have put Post Labour at the end really.

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    New Labour
    Post Labour
    Abstract Labour
    Surrealist Labour
    Minimalist Labour
    Conceptual Labour
    Performance Labour

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    I’m aware every day of my life that my parents smuggled me into the castle.

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    Extraordinary stat -…

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    Government shifting away from pretending everyone will own their home. Why = 20 years to save for a deposit vs 3 in 90s for 'just managing'

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    For who? I find so called algorithmic timelines absolutely pointless. Facebook, Linked In, Instagram. All shit.…

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    Twitter's Algorithmic Timeline Is Working…