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2016-06-24 (Friday)


  1. Thoughts on the sociology of Brexit - Political Economy Research Centre

    Another good read on understandable reasons why people have voted for Out. (via @tomskitomski)

  2. ‘If you’ve got money, you vote in … if you haven’t got money, you vote out’ | Politics | The Guardian

    A good read for getting beyond “Out voters are all racists!” (via @tomskitomski)


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    I’ve spent the bulk of the past 18 hours reading social media. I feel a little queasy. A bit like a day of eating only pick’n’mix and poo.

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    @aden_76 Excellent, thanks! I shall en-Tumbl it tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of it!

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    As is traditional, the pleasure of BBC’s Glastonbury coverage is enlivened by discovering what UI annoyances they’ve introduced this year.

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    Yeah, these are both good reads……

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    Two articles are worth reading on why what just happened, happened:… &…

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    @eFrame Thanks, but I’ve ordered my frames elsewhere now!

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    @GreatDismal There’s a difference between “detained” and “in hiding”.

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    I’m enjoying Christina and the Queens at Glastonbury… Seem nice, fun. French though, so won’t be allowed for long.

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    Ohhhh. . . . . . . !!!!!

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    Folks at Glastonbury look like they’re having a good time though, so that’s lovely to watch. Thanks BBC. While we still have you.

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    I don’t think I’ve ever found myself wondering if there’s any point to being nice. Doesn’t seem like a route to success and happiness rn.

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    Still, at least the socialist utopia that all those left Brexiters wanted will be happening any day now hahahahahahaha

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    @anneshewring You have my sympathies in this difficult time.

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    Well that's taught us peace loving, country running, money earning, forward looking, liberals a lesson

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    Take back control.

    No you take it back.

    No you fucking take it.

    You touched it last.

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    Why Brexit is like Linux:
    - Requires rebuilding your workflows
    - Lots of compatibility issues
    - Only more free in theory
    - People regret it

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    @philgyford thank you and have a lovely evening.

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    Ugh, the new Matthew Barney movie looks fucking terrible.

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    "Boris Trump. Cunt." --senior bank source

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    Anyone travelling here from abroad; we need foreign currency, cigarettes, jeans. Thanks

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    Well, the BBC planned ahead for today's lineup.

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    Betting markets probability over time #EUref #EpicFail
    Via @PredictWise

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    Ohhhh. . . . . . . !!!!!

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    "In a 52-48 referendum, this would be unfinished business by a long way." Nigel Farage, 17 May

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    Well that's taught us peace loving, country running, money earning, forward looking, liberals a lesson