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2015-06-11 (Thursday)


  1. The Early Days of a Better Nation

    Mainly for Régis Debray’s gloomy description of May 1968, written in 1979: “We had to imagine ourselves as Chinese, in order to become Californians.”


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    With Centre Point currently wrapped in scaffolding you might like these pics my mum took of its construction in 1965…

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    @ftrain @matlock Phew. I was about to apologise, but then that’s my English upbringing.

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    So. Nerrrrr!

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    …this week “is the first time the NME has run two subsequent covers of British female-led acts since December 1984”…

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    I remember watching Glastonbury on TV, tweeting it was surprisingly balanced male/female. Some replied “yeah, music’s pretty balanced!” But…

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    @russelldavies @antimega I’d probably go on holiday more (or just out more) if I subscribed to the Antimega Guides.

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    The essay also confirms my belief that @ftrain and @philgyford are identical twins, separated at birth and raised on separate continents.