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2015-04-23 (Thursday)


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    @eliothill I’ve no idea. I might have to look for reviews or something old-fashioned like that!

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    @gwire “I find it hard to believe… he was such a noisy, outgoing guy, who never kept himself to himself!”

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    I won’t listen to anything Spotify itself suggests because I’m too alternative; I’ll only listen to what third-party corporations recommend.

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    Not enjoying Spotify as much since they got rid of the apps. I find myself staring at it thinking “I have no idea what to listen to”. Bah.

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    In line at food trucks with @noahmanger, I explain why Cities:Skyline beats SimCity

    Guy behind us is one of SimCity’s producers


    San Francisco, CA, United States

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    the people who ask if publicly coming out is really 'necessary' are the same ones who instagram their lattes and facebook check in at tesco