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8 January 2015


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    @joe_malia I didn't know Alex Baldwin was a physicist! Amazing.

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    @mattsheret *discreet nod*

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    (Let's not think too closely about whether that accurately mirrors reality.)

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    I liked 'Treme' S1, but it's like a tourist board video full of unlikeable people. The few nice people have a terrible time.

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    After too much modern, twiddly jazz, I am currently listening to 245 songs used on 'Treme':…

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    @hondanhon But where are you really, Dan? In the bigger picture? Where are any of us? Is it the map that's broken? Or is it the territory?

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    #maintenance @ Barbican Centre

    City of London, London, United Kingdom

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    The UK govt better stand by its pronouncements about free speech and satirical humour or I'll blow this airport sky high.