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6 January 2015


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    @whoisdanw But how would I know?!

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    @whoisdanw 👍 [RSS feed icon emoji]

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    @whoisdanw Are you going to carry on posting to both the list and your blog?

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    @jonty @stml Same here. I only use Dropbox for sharing files or a handful of things I need on two computers.

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    @_Rossio_ @gilest Thanks! Soon it'll make sense to place something heavy on alt to make everything work like it used to. The retro key.

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    @antimega I've been trying to remember where I read someone who worked at the old Trocadero version who said how shambolic it was.

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    @suegyford @D21Edinburgh Congratulations! :)

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    @whoisdanw @infovore @tomstuart I don't care how it makes you feel, save that shit for your memoir. Tom and I just want to see a GIF.

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    “Should we - I mean, this is just."

    "Print it.”

    RT @AustenAllred: