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25 June 2014


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    Took ~3 hours to make a minimal version of a d3.js problem so I can ask on StackOverflow. Progress. Would’ve taken 3 days a while ago.

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    @mattsheret @hondanhon Every morning, Dan’s newsletter fed into an automated Science Story Magic machine and broadcast on Radio 4.

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    @joe_malia @pixellent Even right-wing commentators have described John Major’s selling off of the Dalek race as “a privatisation too far”.

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    @joe_malia @pixellent Both British Rail and the Daleks commissioned Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert to create their corporate typeface.

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    @matthewward Are you getting applications from people who were in prison and wore glasses and were bookish? (I think that’s how it works.)

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    @joe_malia @pixellent Trains can't climb stairs either, ha ha!

    Also First Great Western plans to destroy all humans and control the galaxy.

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    Anyone in SF have a spare adult diaper that would fit a man with a 32 inch waist? I need it for a video project. I can give it back clean.

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    This the the LG G Watch next to the actual watch I wear every day. Pretty big difference. #io14