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2014-03-27 (Thursday)


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    @secretbean Eesh, glad you're OK!

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    @blech Definitely. But it relies on the people having similar tolerations, which gets harder the bigger the office gets.

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    @benbrown Oh no! Really sorry to hear that :(

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    @Beeker @timoarnall Ditto. Been a while since my last “Can’t decide what to do so I’ll learn again.” At least this one would be useful :)

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    @tomtaylor "Zuckerberg wants everyone to experience a 3D world, with everyone they know, so he can toy with them. In a way, isn't he like…"

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    I want a preference option in iTunes so I never get any bonus tracks, directors cuts, DVD extras or album artwork PDFs.

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    For all of you who constantly attack and moan about Unions pls feel free to fill this in and give it to your employer

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    On the other hand, it appears to think I'm mostly a bow tie, sunscreen, a ping-pong ball and a neck brace: