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2013-10-31 (Thursday)



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    Can’t wait for 5th November, when all of America repays this debt by half-arsedly emulating Lewes Bonfire Night.

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    Judging by today’s Guardian letters, men have the monopoly on half-baked reckons about HS2:

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    I suppose there’s actually a way to use Google Web Fonts and have them load more than 50% of the time?

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    The kids in the Barbican (and their parents) are civilised enough to only trick or treat at the flats they’ve been invited to.

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    @paulpod I’m afraid not - they’ll ship when we get them, which isn’t until the shipping date :)

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    @paulpod @bergcloud About an hour ago / Shipping 15th Nov.

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    @tomcoates A remake of Rubicon in which they all quit to start a news website funded by a dot com billionaire.

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    @tomcoates A remake of Rubicon in which everyone believes everything they say and it’s all true.

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    Kaiju beware!!!

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    Theory: the older you get & more content you create that has sentimental value, the more data-portabilty (aka access) becomes important.

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    And @mala goes full geek for Halloween