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2013-10-24 (Thursday)


  1. They may have the money, but we have the tools of technology.

    James Darling. I’ll be upfront about this: I find any, “We’re doing amazing worthwhile things at the government, doing Good, and it’s your duty to join us,” rhetoric really, really annoying. But this is still good stuff. And *such* an antidote if you’ve read one too many Silicon Valley boosterism posts on Medium.

  2. Babelmark 2 - Compare markdown implementations

    See how a load of different Markdown libraries generate HTML from the same input. The FAQ has a long list of examples that show differences. (via @aanand)


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    Ex-smokers, eh?

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    @rod My thoughts are with you. (What happened? I’m scared of upgrading my Late 2008 MacBook now…)

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    A multiplicity of private Twitter accounts, each with different overlapping sets of followers, so that one can more precisely direct angst.

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    @dotcode I couldn’t bear to watch past Paxman’s first couple of questions. The same disdain John Humphries has for people he feels above.

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    @gilest @feedbin

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    OH: “There’s been a change in the spy protocol.”

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    Appear to have set myself a very laborious and time-consuming task that involves repurposing a 17th century document. WILL I NEVER LEARN.

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    OH “I love taking out people’s tyres with the silent rifle and watching them get really confused.” “Have you tried that in the game?”